Become a trainer!

Becoming a trainer at our amazing association Tweeslag? That's possible here!

We as a growing association can always use all the extra help from new trainers. This is also possible for those who come from another association. Of course, this requires some volleyball experience and we will find out what you can offer us via the form below. In addition, we find out what we can offer you! Of course you don't give training for nothing and that is why we offer a reasonable fee per training (1.5 hours).

 Rating*  Experience*  Requirement  Fee***
 1  < 1 year of experience  No further requirement  €10,00
 2  At least 1 year of experience &/or course followed from Tweeslag/BVT2  €12,50
 3  At least 2 years of experience & course followed from Tweeslag/BVT2  €15,00
 4  At least 1 year of experience & BVT3 course & helping the Tweeslag trainers course**  €20,00

* Experience = experience as a Tweeslag trainer. If you come from another association, it can be determined in consultation in which scale you fit. In the case of a BVT4, VT3, VT4 course, the amount of the reimbursement must also be discussed separately.
** Tweeslag trainer training = Trainers help with the training of less experienced trainers within Tweeslag. Think of providing the trainer courses or visiting training sessions to give tips.
*** Reimbursement per training = Reimbursement applies to training + preparation. The standard duration of a workout is 1.5 hours. For training sessions of 2 hours, this is converted directly proportionally.

We have various blocks in which it is possible to provide training. These are listed below in a table. It is not mandatory to give training every block. That is why we ask what your availability is prior to the block.

 2021 - 2022  From  To
 Nazomeren  6 September  10 October
Winterblok  18 October  20 March
Zomerblok 1  28 March  3 July
Zomerblok 2  4 July  7 August

Any questions or doubting if you are capable as a trainer, feel free to contact Daan Buiter +31 6 40 42 95 81 or

General information
BVT3 is a course where you learn about making training plans as well as communication training. Furthermore, you learn how to practically use this knowledge. Which helps you develop as a trainer and can help you get your rating up.
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