Beach Team Groningen


Are you really enthusiastic about beachvolleyball? Then Beach Team Groningen (BTG) is the right place for you! BTG gathers the highest-level players of Tweeslag and provides special support for them. The level of the selection team has risen substantially over the past years and multiple teams have even competed in the Eredivisie, the highest Dutch league.

To ensure that the BTG Players are able to constantly improve and excel at tournaments, the BTG Board (‘BTG Bestuur’) takes care of the additional tasks surrounding the selection. This contains selecting players, organizing the training schedule and trainers, arranging tournament clothing and organizing a training-camp and a topdivision tournament.  

If you are interested in playing high-level beachvolleyball, please contact us at You can also follow our players on Instagram @beachteamgroningen

BTG '22-'23

Suzanne Benninga (2017) -
Marc Gjaltema (2018) -
Eline Heikamp (2019) -
David Olk (2016) -
Anke Rena Sijbrandij (2017) -

BTG Spelers Dames 2022-2023

Sophie Bouma (2017) -
Esther de Coo (2018) -
Hiske van Duinen (2019) -
Eline Heikamp (2019) -
Luca Leithuijser (2019) -
Azenor Ollivier (2019) -
Gabrielė Petrauskaitė (2022) -
Ayla Poiesz (2019) -
Alyssa Smits (2015) -

BTG Spelers Heren 2022-2023

Francois Dieleman (2021) -
Marc Gjaltema (2018) -
Jordan Eric-Paul Groenewegen (2021) -
Wouter Kugel (2018) -
Bart Maas (2019) -
David Olk (2016) -
Yarick Poiesz (2019) -
Tomas Ruben (2019) -

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