Confidential adviser

In September 2019 Tweeslag added three confidential advisers to here association. As an association, we believe that it is really important to offer our members a point of contact for problems they can deal with. the confidential advisers try to be approachable in a relaxed and accessible way. So don't hesitate if something bothers you. For example when you experience trouble in finding a balance between study and your social/sports life or have troubles within your committee or the board. You can also ask for help when you have trouble dealing with a trainer or have other problems inside Tweeslag.

Fabian Peeks

Hello everyone! My name is Fabian and I intern at the pediatric ward. I'll leave the beautiful city of Groningen soon to move to the really small village of Noordhorn. Do you want to come over for nice cup of coffee? My house is next to the Mill, you're always welcome to come by. In 2012-2013 I was in the board of GSBV Tweeslag, but I also took part in the AcCie, KledingCie, AddiCie, MMC en LustrumCie.

For Fabian Peeks, you can send a message to 06-30690576 or send an email to

Anne van den Berg

Hi Tweeslagger! My name is Anne van den Berg and started at Tweeslag in 2011. I took part in the DiviCie, Raad der Wijzen, and have been a trainer. Currently living in Zwolle, working at Vitens where I'm trying to make beachvolleyball as big as it is in Groningen. Who knows you will still find me every now and then wearing a Tweeslag outfit at tournaments. Mail, text or call me when you're struggling with anything (; 06-34010526). I will be happy to help you!

Fabian Peeks

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