How nice that you are thinking about joining Tweeslag! Tweeslag is a student beachvolleyball association where you can always find your place, whether you have never set a foot on sand, or even when you are a professional. We train through the whole year (except for when a pandemic prevents is from doing so) and we are not held back by bad weather. Luckily, we do train inside during the winter. We also organize a bunch of other fun things next to training sessions. With monthly tournaments, borrels and activities there is always something to do. After showing off on the beach court, we roll into the 'Brouwerij' via a running dinner for a borrel lasting until the early morning. So, if you want to increase your beachvolleyball skills, would like to find sand in you shower drain for the whole year or just want to meet fun people, come take a look at Tweeslag!


At Tweeslag we work with 4 different membership types. The 'basislidmaatschap' (regular membership), 1st semester membership, 2nd semester membership and the 'proeflidmaatschap' (trial membersip).

Pay attention please! You will not automatically join a team when you become a member, for more information on our training seasons, click here.

Terms and conditions membership G.S.B.V. Tweeslag

  • You have to pay contribution, exact costs can be found below.
  • A membership automatically gets renewed with half a year, unless you deregister on time. For more information, click here.
  • You have to be in possession of an ACLO card, more information can be found below.


Every member must be in possession of an ACLO Card. For more information on ACLO cards, see: If you only want to become a member for half a year, then you can purchase an ACLO-semester card. The periods of the ACLO-semester cards match up with our semester memberships. Do not buy a Summer card, you are still not allowed to be a Tweeslag member with only a Summer card!

There is a chance that you are not eligible for an ACLO Card (any more). In this case you can request a dispensation card by sending an email to This mail should contain your full name, date of birth, old student number (if applicable), whether you want a card for half a year or a whole year and your motivation. For more information about dispensation cards, see:

Regular membership

  • €15,-
  • 1st of September til the 31st of August

Half yearly memberships

  • €10,-

  • 1st of September til the 1st of February (1st semester)

  • 1st of February til the 1st of September (2nd semester)

  • Periods match up with the ACLO-semester cards

Trial membership

  • Free!

  • During the Nazomeren season (1st of september til mid-Otcober)

  • You still have to be in possession of an ACLO Card!

If you still have questions, you can send them to!

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