Tweeslag was founded on 19 May 2004 during the general assemblee of members of V.V. Kroton by the first board. The association already had over 100 members in its first years. In subsequent years, the number of members grew considerably and in the spring of 2019, the association had about 200 training members. This year we are at approximately 370 members.

In the early years of Tweeslag only lower level matches were played. Throughout the years the level progressed and we currently have members playing at practically every level, ranging from recreational to the premier league. Our offer of training programs and activities has also grown since Tweeslag was founded. Previously, two training periods were offered. At this time, the association has three training periods, which gives us the opportunity to train throughout the entire year. For years now, we do this at the beach volleyball courts of the ACLO in the summer. Since 2012, we train at Binn’npret during the winter. Since 2022 we can train at the ACLO courts throughout the year.

In 2017, the association organised a division beach volleyball tournament for the first time in its history. This tournament is part of the national beach volleyball competition of NeVoBo and is open to individuals who play in the 2nd and 3rd division. That edition was a great success, which has encouraged us to keep organising this tournament. 

2004 is already over 20 years ago and that means that we celebrate our 4th lustrum this year. We are proud of our association and how we have grown, and we hope to keep growing and to celebrate many more lustra!


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